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It seems that the action of alchemical medicine was similar to that of allopathic medicine, because of similarities as far as regards diagnosis and prescription. But the latter has a disastrous consequence, by suppressing the symptoms of the disease, bringing it to a progressive mutation to a more complicated disease than the previous one, with cell invasion, cell biological picture congestion and the formation of a new disease potentially more virulent than the previous, and therefore, also more difficult to heal. The alchemical medicine, however, does not produce this suppression, since his command in the action is carried out by the subtle presence of an elementary nature, which is nothing but a vibrational field with capacity of human interpretation. Its action is not directed only to the organic and functional, as with allopathic medication; or the organic field, functional and mental as with homeopathy, but also carried out simultaneously with the subtlest energy of man: the soul, attacking the disease in the hole hologram (hologram: refers to the 3 states where the disease nestes itself, which have to be treated simultaneously).

When the drugs attack only takes place in one dimension of the hologram, for example the organ (as in allopathy), or two holograms (eg, body and mind, as what would happen in homeopathy), the process of total elimination of the disease in its three fundamental states is not completed, leaving the door open to the possibility of a mutation of the disease to another ever more dangerous and aggressive than the first one, since the struggle was not carried out in the third dimension of its hologram: the spiritual ( see Diseases healed).

So we assert that however, its mechanism of action directed to symptom removal is accomplished without the drawbacks of allopathy own removal, and without the exonerative, exudative and annoying aggravation that happens when the cure is homeopathic. All this thanks to the subtle intelligence mentioned above, which characterizes alchemy.