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What a question. I have read several different definitions of alchemy, and yet all of them means the same thing. Alchemy is a divine science and more than a science it's an art. There are some people who receive it and then they transmit it to his disciples. The branch of alchemy that is concerned with the health of the sick, is called Spagyric.
The courses of action are carried out through 2 main pathways: one is that of the organic and mental, ordered from the hypothalamus of our brain, and the other, the way of the deep spiritual through the chakras or energy vortexes, and nous atom located in the heart's left ventricle.
Drug action is achieved through the formation of energy fields related to electricity, but much more subtle, I would say, with manly strength, with intelligence to the formation of subtle and intelligent energy fields. Also the speed of action is much greater, allowing not only a quickly healing but also avoiding exonerative actions, which, while healing, they are very unpleasant for the patient.