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This center, originated in Neuquén city and committed to God and people, consists of a group of professionals pharmacists, alchemists and orthodox doctors who study Alchemycal Medical Therapy.

The medical staff consists of:

Dr. Mrs. Milagros Rey (Provincial Registration #731 of Neuquén, National Registration #4756, Spec. #476).
Dr. Mrs. Erika Abel (Prov. Reg. #2104 of Neuquén, Prov. Reg. #2322 of Río Negro).
Dr. Mr. Ernesto Pizá (Prov. Reg. #2910 of Neuquén, Prov. Reg. #3061 of Río Negro, Spec. #1901).
Dr. Mr. Eduardo Barales (Prov. Reg. #1913 of Neuquén, Spec. in Homeopathic and Alchemical Medicine).

Our city is barely a blip on the map of Argentina, a great country, which sometimes I think it's poor because it wants to. Small in the world, our city is, however, the gateway to a province that is wonderful and hostile at the same time. To the west the freezing cold of its mountains, a creature who tortures everything that has breath of life, and a price that we willingly pay for its fertile land, its snow and freshwater springs. To the east the land is a dry plateau, oil burning under your feet, and over them it's ravaged by strong winds, annoying sometimes to death, but giving at least a break under a blazing sun that leaves no place to hide from it. A place where, outside of man, have adapted only thorns and some small animals, and where native trees only grow in a long narrow valley on the banks of two great rivers that pay a generous toll offering up some of their energy.

And so... rude but rich in spirit and offering what it is, this province has built his creatures and his people. We now are a group of professionals who against all odds has opted for a form of medicine that hates the exploitation of the sick and patronage for life of patients. And for this we have had our way at great expense, in a country where any business is a risk work. But it was worth, and I don't say it with my own words but those of our patients.

Our job was to bear fruit around the year 1995, and actually is not so difficult to explain what we felt in those days before. Distracted by the rattle of daily work and family lunches, and secretly developing our project but with no guarantees, surrounded by uncertainty but overwhelmed by the prospect of an idea that promised to change everything, we were soon astonished by the results because we had not even dreamed of the magnitude of the iceberg that lay beneath what we did, beyond what we understood! Many people began healing from incurable diseases, or at least, in impossible ways. The good news began to arrive and we could not stand to show. Since then, our goal has always been to refine and disseminate this. Our formula has always been consistency, routine, and our success probably was to have maintained joined Medicine, Pharmacy and Alchemy.

Today our project grew and gained respect for their achievements. Hundreds of people today use our products every month. However, it is still difficult to introduce the subject in society. These things sound dark to ordinary people, and frighten them. It's incredible! Darker than a lifetime of advertising of cigarettes, drinks and pills. Darker than a lifetime praying that our currency will not fall, that our football team wins, that the next president solves our problems.

The problem is not only ours. It's not argentine. The problem is global, and so it is even difficult to know just if anyone else in the world is doing what we're doing. We'll go forward with this, but you must know that our duty to God and people ends up here, spreading the truth in this way. It may not sound so hard now that we've traveled so much, but at one point we had to risk our credibility and track record for an idea. Today I invite you to challenge your fears and shames, and to free yourselves from your own ailments. Of course you have not seen what I saw, and do not know the dimension of this Science. All I can tell you to encourage yourselves, is the same as I said to myself, back in '95:

it worths a try!